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The Education, Rehabilitation and Schooling Center

Playground The Education, Rehabilitation and Schooling Center provides many valuable services to low-income children, both handicapped and non-handicapped, who are at risk.

130 children are currently attending the Center regularly from Monday to Friday. Of these 130 children, almost 50% are afflicted with some form of physical and/or mental disability.

A 37 person staff works in this Center. The children of the Center are divided into the following groups:

In addition to education, lunch and two nutritious snacks a day, the children also benefit from other services which include:

  1. Medical, dental, and psychological services
  2. Recreation
  3. Special education
  4. Rehabilitation services
  5. Family program
  6. Transportation
  7. Christian education and counseling
  8. Vocational training and workshops

Some of the above services, such as physical therapy, are provided on as-needed basis while others, such as recreation, music therapy, psychological rehabilitation, speech therapy, and both regular and special education are available to every child. The foundation also offers optional materials such as: