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Center of Special Education, Habilitation and Rehabilitation

Playground Center of Special Education, Habilitation and Rehabilitation
The CER offers services to children, young people and adults with Cerebral Palsy and/or intellectual disability and severe multi-disability, at risk and of few economic resources.

Currently, 42 children attend regularly to the Center, from Monday to Friday. A staff formed by 15 collaborators work in this center. The users of the Center are divided in the following groups:

The participants benefit from:

  1. Early Stimulation Program
  2. Medical, dental and psychological services
  3. Recreation
  4. Special education
  5. Habilitation and rehabilitation services
  6. Family therapy
  7. Transport
  8. Christian education – Counseling
  9. Vocational training and workshops
  10. Food

Alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy, dog-assisted therapy and equine-assisted therapy are also offered to the participants that need them. While recreation, music therapy, psico-rehabilitation, language, occupational and physical therapy are aimed for everybody.