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Conocoto Project

After much work and determination on the part of Camp Hope, the Ecuadorian government has leased a large area of land ( 2 ½ acres ) to be used for the Foundation’s camps. Furthermore, a portion of this land will be used to create a vocational workshop area for handicapped adolescents and youths. The vocational workshops will teach capable handicapped people important job-related skills which will promote self-sufficiency.

Three distinct workshop areas will be built. These areas include a carpentry workshop, a metal furniture workshop, and a workshop to make the coverings for the metal furniture. Paid teachers will head the workshops and the finished products will be sold to the general public. The proceeds will go directly to the handicapped adults themselves. Many of the adults participating in the workshops will live in dorm-like accommodations because they will not have daily access to public transportation. These dorms will be constructed when the workshops are being built. This project is still in the beginning stages and will need many things before it will begin to become a reality. We will also do therapeutic horseback riding in this place.