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Sponsorship Program

Our Objectives

  1. Initiate participation from parents promoting attitude and behavioral changes by providing workshops for parents with the goal of instilling a greater level of commitment
  2. Offer independence and social integration to persons with disabilities

Our Program

Camp Hope Foundation has started a sponsorship program with the hopes of helping needy children. The sponsorship program enables people from other countries to assist impoverished children by personally sponsoring a specific child in the Foundation. Currently 54 children are being supported by this program.

The sponsorship program of Camp Hope started in 1998 with four sponsors. This has tremendously helped kids by providing them with an opportunity for education, specialized attention, and adequate nutrition.

Our Services

By supporting the sponsorship program through your membership fees and gifts you ensure the following services for a child:

Educational and Living Expenses:

Medical Needs:


Special Events:

Opportunities for your Involvement:


Now you can apply for the sponsorship program online. Please click on the link to open the membership application form.